Swallowing Gum and Bucket Lists

Hey Guys!

Today I am not going to be posting pictures of my food 😦

This is partly because I have not eaten any more interesting food and partly because my phone’s memory is all taking up by selfies… ha. ha. Whaaaatt 🙂

When I find a kind of food or a meal that I really like, I tend to eat it around the clock until we run out or I get bored of it. This usually takes about 5 days or so. For me right now that would be the Boca Chik’n patty and english muffin sandwich, which you can find here.

Ok, well yesterday I kind of freaked out because I swallowed my Extra Desert Gum (mm that stuff is so good, especially the lemon bar kind!) I know, I know, maybe I never thought about it, or maybe I am just super gullible, but I seriously thought it might be stuck in my body for 7 years!

Well, obviously I had to do a google search, because who doesn’t google everything and anything?! Well after about 2 minutes of searching, and 9  Yahoo Answers forums later, I discovered it will not be in my intestines longer than any other food. It just passes through like anything else… (TMI? lol)

Haha I know most people know this, but I just thought I should document the fact and also add to the tens of thousand of other posts about it on Google. 😉

Well to add to this pointless post, I thought I might share some of my goals and things I want to do before I turn 21. I am 17, but I just want to make sure I give myself time to accomplish all of these things! So here goes:

*Travel to Europe and Australia

*Go to 49 states (I have no desire to visit Alaska, but you never know!)

*Get a degree in something I really love

*Become fluent in a language (preferably Spanish, since I already have 2 years under my belt!

*Run a 1/2 marathon (or walk/ run haha)

Well, you will have to check back in 4 years to see if I did everything! :p

Gosh, I really hate this formatting! What is with all of the double spacing?!

I’m signing off for now!

What are some things on your bucket list?

Have you ever swallowed your gum and freaked out about it?



4 thoughts on “Swallowing Gum and Bucket Lists

  1. Las Spices: Am I the only commenter because I haven’t seen anyone else except la madre de Las Spices. Hope you don’t mind my abbreviation of your formal name – just simpler for moi. I don’t mind being an ‘only’ I’m just wondering.
    Wes and I do read and enjoy your posts and pix. Although we are not always sure we know what you are talking about… but we comment anyway!
    Really senoritas we are very proud of your creativity and the efforts you have made to establish your Blog.
    Savannah,the last time i swallowed gum must have been 50 yrs ago… but I’m sure we didn’t freak out. It was just the only way to get rid of it w/o spitting on the ground if there wasn’t a trash can nearby. Now Wes tells me he spit it on the ground. Boys have always been gross.
    Bucket List – I would add Alaska because it is slowly melting into the Arctic Sea so will be a missing state at some point. Also Canada – multicultural – many Americans move and work there.Good colleges. Central and South America for Spanish speaker internships and cultures.
    – Get a degree in something that will give you opportunities for jobs you are interested in – times are tough out there in the world.
    – Try to tie language to job opportunities – multi language speakers can work anywhere and that means travel!
    My bucket list:
    – First of all I would like to be rich so I could have a cleaning lady! I hate cleaning! Also a cook and dishwasher person who will travel the world with me, kind of like Oprah or Mrs.Obama.
    – Wes and I have spent 2 weeks in England and 1 in Paris a long time ago – going back and then on to the continent is high on my list especially Greece and Sweden.
    – I want to learn to swim – lessons long ago so I wouldn’t drown but I’d like to really learn because it’s great exercise for ‘older’ people with arthritis – who now include me
    -I want to take courses in current events, political science, and more literature to refresh my mind after all these yrs. I was an English major when you could get work with a liberal arts degree.
    – I want to live long enough to see all of our nieces and nephews and grandchildren be successful in whatever they choose to do.
    BTW Are you set to start college in August in Fla?


    1. Hi Elaine! I agree, going outside the country is an amazing experience!! That would be on my bucket list as well!! And I love to clean. Most days I cannot stop cleaning and organizing. I would love to go to Greece as well!


    2. We don’t mind the abbreviations! Whatever works for you! We love hearing from you with all of your comments! If you have any good stories or recipes or pictures, just send them our way and we can include them in our blog or try out the recipes!
      Thanks so much for sharing your bucket list!


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