Road Trip Recap & Unpacking

Hey Everyone!
This is Starr! Wow I haven’t posted in soo long… but I’ve been getting back into school, and unpacking (ughhh) 😮
Recap from our trip up the East Coast:
We had a bit of a late takeoff in Gladus (our van), but we ended up leaving a couple of hours before sunset and it was a really pretty day out! We found these trees at a truck stop (don’t mind the trash can!

photo (21)

After driving for 10 hours, we ended up in Gainesville at 1:00 in the morning, where EVERY SINGLE hotel was booked full because it was some game weekend (that always happens to us on road trips!!) so we slept in Gladus in the Parking Lot of a hotel which happened to be like 5 feet from a 24 hr Steak & Shake! So much for a good nights sleep… Those restaurants really lights up the night!!

Anyway… The next day we got an early start and then…. around lunchtime we had a tire blowout in Tennessee!

My dad had to change the tire on the side of some big interstate with a ton of lanes so we could make it to the next town to get new tires! EEP! There, we spent about three hours but thank gooodness everything was so close that we could walk!!


We ended up going to TJ maxx and while my mom shopped we found this really cool place that you can make your own flavor of ice cream! (Kinda like cold stone creamery)


After that we were still hungry (this was around lunch) so we decided to go into this furniture store that gives you FREE DRINKS AND POPCORN and “shop” 😉


and found this piece of The north!!
^^^camo chair!!!^^^^^

In the car you just sit and sit and sit so you wouldn’t think you need any energy but lemme tell you, caffeine helps A LOT!!
Let’s just say we had a few coffee stops on our way!






We also stopped to see our grandmother and ate dinner with her! While we were there, we also met the guy that is in this picture (it was taken in the 40’s!) :


He’s the one right in front in the striped shirt!

And I also really liked my place mat! 🙂


After 3 or 4 days in the car we finally reached our destination! It’s good to be back! Except for the unpacking part…. 😮



And we finally got MOCHY back!!!



Although he has decided that his life calling is a gardener and likes to trim our flowers 🙂


Well lots of work to catch up on… Trying to memorize a poem for school… Thats not quite working out! So I tried a new method!

From this:


Notice my bowl of almond milk foam 😀

And made it into this:

Memorization: CHECK! ✔️


How do you survive long road trips!?

Have a magnificent day!!

-Starr ⭐️
(The youngest la spice sister around)


3 thoughts on “Road Trip Recap & Unpacking

    1. Hey Elaine and Wes-
      Mochy is a white rabbit. She mostly lives outside in her cage and we let her run in the yard sometimes, but she also enjoys being inside with us during the winter.


  1. Love this post Starr!! Cleaning is fun…just turn up the tunes and it will be done in no time! And it will feel great! What poem are you memorizing? TGIF. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


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