Our Egg Factory

Less than 24 hours until Easter and we are getting prepared!

We begin with our eggs..


Oh, and don’t forget to boil those eggs, or else you are in for a real mess tomorrow!


Usually we just buy the pre-packaged dyes from the grocery store. These are always the easiest. Just a little water, vinegar and pop in the dye pill and you have great colors.




There are all different kinds of easter egg ideas you can do. We absolutely LOVE ❤ glitter… and when we were little and had easter egg hunts, there would always be the largest reward for whoever found the golden egg.

This year Starr made our golden egg…

For our directions on glitter eggs click here.


I wonder who will be brave enough to eat that one on Monday morning 😉


What an eggcellent day!

Now.. back to work!..

Oh, and to keep the beautiful easter colors going…I picked up a light lilac for my nails yesterday. Maybe I will try my nail art expertise and draw a few tulips and eggs on there.. maybe even some whiskers 🙂


What are your favorite easter traditions?

Do you eat your easter eggs?



5 thoughts on “Our Egg Factory

  1. My family is Greek Orthodox. We combined Greek and American traditions. We dyed eggs in many colors – but the Greek tradition is to dye them all red ( symbolizing the blood of Christ). At dinner on Easter each person picks an egg and going around the table one at a time ‘cracks’ the round or pointed end of her/his egg against the same end of the egg of the next person. That continues until all the eggs have cracked on both ends except one – the strongest- the winner. Easter dinner is always roast lamb. There is also an Easter sweet bread that is braided with red eggs as decorations. All of the Greek traditions are part of the religious celebration of the resurrection – no egg hunts or Easter bunny. But lots of good food with family and friends. When my father was a boy – at the midnight service when the priest raised his candle in the dark church and said “Christos Anesti” ( Christ Has Risen) and the light from that candle was passed to everyone – people set off fireworks in the church! All the candles are kept lighted through the whole service and then we would try to keep them lighted all the way home and into the house – for a year of good luck.
    Happy Easter everyone!


  2. Wow that is one Golden Egg!!! Sp-egg-tacular Spice Sisters!
    Sunrise Service and an Egg Drop are our traditions. Each person wraps up a raw egg with whatever wrapping they can concoct——Gets pretty interesting…those wrappings……. and then all the eggs are dropped off the highest part of our house. We also do egg toss and egg relay
    I really like Elaine’s Greek traditions above ….fireworks in the church?!! Will try that cracking egg idea of Elaine above at our Easter Brunch today around our table Thanks! I love your blog sisters!

    Hoppy Easter!


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