Highlights from our Road Trip!

Hey Everyone,

Savannah here!

Sorry about being so MIA lately, we’ve just been in the car with no internet…I know- its crazy!

Well I thought I would just show you some of the highlights (and lowlights) of our  trip. You might even find some of these things helpful if you ever go on a long road trip.

As we started out of Florida, I listened to some music to get me into the spirit of the cold northern climate…


Then, as you know, time goes on and you get hungry. Well it is always a good idea to pack your own snacks instead of going to Wendy’s or McDonalds, but Starr and I didn’t really have a chance to prepare our snacks. So we were stuck with mostly bread and peanut butter. You also have to make do on road trips, which means sometimes it is necessary to use baby carrots to spread your peanut butter.


Then, when you run out of carrot spreaders, this happens. Yes I know, I should be ashamed.


One great thing about traveling, is that you get to experience many different cultures and discover new things. Just like we discovered this little Greek deli, located conveniently next to a Starbucks.


This was a hummus and tabbouleh sandwich made with homemade pita bread. It was so good!

When we ran into one of our “techincal difficulties” as Sierra likes to call them, we made the best of it and headed to the nearest furniture store to look around. In addition to all of the neat pieces they have in furniture stores, they also give out free drinks and popcorn! 🙂 Here is a piece of artwork that I really liked:


When we got bored, Starr and I tried to solve the Wall Street Journal’s crossword puzzles. As you can tell, we didn’t get too far!


The rest of the trip was mostly just watching movies, listening to music, and eating snacks…. Maybe not the best idea to buy a large bag of chex mix when you are on the road!

We finally arrived last night, and when we went into town this morning, we saw this on a store window:


Haha people are crazy in the north!

Well, another post about or trip will be coming from Starr shortly and she will probably explain the food a little better than I did!

I can already feel my tan fading….


2 thoughts on “Highlights from our Road Trip!

  1. We are soooo sorry to hear about your tan…
    Both of us really liked the license plate art – if you go back there and want a special souvenir for us???
    Love to whichever Warners came back to the frozen tundra this trip. Hope we can see you soon,
    Much love, E&W

    Liked by 1 person

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