Capturing A Mood

Have you ever been in a certain mood where you are overwhelmed with inspiration, motivation, love, curiosity, happiness or silliness? Or really any great emotion that just makes your heart want to sing, or to smile at everyone you see. Sometimes you want to dance through the hallways, or just jump up and down because you have so much energy and creativity running through your veins!

Yes, sometimes coffee can do this, or ice cream, but other times I think that there are just little bits of happiness that are brought into your life at just the right time, little bits of sunshine. I love moments like these, especially when I am feeling down, stressed out or overwhelmed. Honestly, they are what keep me going. Many times it is just the right person that can do this, or the right song, even appreciation..this mood motivator is different for everyone..

Sometimes I wish I could just capture these moods, and keep them somewhere safe so I can bring it out at just the right moment when I need them. But I know that is not completely how it works, so for moments or days like these I need to remember what it feels like, so on cloudy days or those times that I just can’t push myself out of bed on a Monday morning, or find that motivation to get something done..I can look back and hopefully those captured moods can give me that little lift.

What is a mood that you want to capture?

Have you ever had that “on top of the world”, “I can do anything” feeling?

Let us know! We ❤ our readers and their thoughts!

-La Spice Sisters


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