Busy April

Well, we are all on a roll right now, trying to keep up with the busy’s of life 🙂

Who isn’t though…

Finals are coming up for me.. and the last few weeks of the semester are finally here! It really seems like it was just New Years and the beginning of the new year.. where has the time gone.. 2 weeks until May?! I can’t wait until May! 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed some wonderful freebies yesterday, and also got their taxes done!

I had some shoes to return in the mall yesterday, so I stopped by Cinnabon and had a yummy free treat, but I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture!

They looked something like this.. and boy were they tasty!


I made sure to hit up the gym yesterday and ran 4 miles while watching the tributes and ceremonies dedicated to the one year anniversary of the Boston Bombings.

I found this funny email in my inbox yesterday from Red Mango and thought I would share it with you. Not only a good deal, but a completely honest thought about our social media world that we live in. I had a little laugh.



Who agrees on that one? Are you a “true friend”? 🙂

Before I leave you, I just want to share a few more pictures and let you know that you should be hearing from my sisters soon. They have been making the voyage back up the east coast to snowy New England with a few pit stops along the way to visit family, and some minor  ‘difficulties’ I will call them. I heard from them this morning as they arrived home at 3 am to a snow storm, power outages and a cold house! I was smiling as I walked through campus in my shorts and flip flops soaking in my vitamin D.


I just love those colors!


And this yummy breakfast! What was your yummy breakfast today?

Oh, and check out this awesome animal I saw on my workout a few days ago….  Iguana Crossing


p.s… Promise to check back this weekend! Lots of new additions to the blog; new pages, new recipes, new pictures, new links, new GIVEAWAYS!





2 thoughts on “Busy April

  1. Hi Les Spices, Glad to have at least 2 of you back in the neighborhood. I wonder if you will be able to write Les Spicy blog posts in the frozen north?
    I am thinking seriously that Uncle Wesley and I will need to travel south next fall/winter. Each picture you sent made me surer and surer and jealouser and jealouser…
    Where did you get the heart shaped egg molds – very cute.
    Hope we can see you all soon – we need a celebration for Grammy’s recovery!
    Much love from both of us.


    1. Yes! We will keep blogging even from up North! The cold doesn’t scare us 🙂 You can find the egg molds usually at craft stores or some kitchen stores, usually they are with the other cookie cutters! Hope you can find them, as it makes your eggs so pretty, or you could even try it with pancakes! Let us know if you try it!


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