What is April 15th? Only Benefit of Tax Day

So…..everyone knows what April 15th is.
Or at least if you have ever had to work before, and you sometimes procrastinate here and there on things that aren’t as joyous as lets say; working out or eating ice cream, then you know that April 15th is….. Tax Day!

Ugh we can all say, and hopefully by midnight on the 15th you can put all of the stresses of getting your taxes done behind you.. at least for another 365 days..or sooner if you just LOVE to do your taxes. Well who doesn’t!? Right… 🙂

I know I have done my taxes, so on April 15th- which ladies and gentlemen is one week from today- we can drive across town from north to south, east to west taking advantage of all of these great freebies and discounts to reward ourselves. That is until we are so stuffed from all the junk that we have consumed…that we either collapse in front of Netflix or push ourselves to the gym. Your choice! I know what I will be doing….

Now I know that this post doesn’t have as many pictures as some may like, but stick with me, I promise you it will be worth it!

(This list is not all inclusive, but I have picked out my favorites- see the link at the bottom of the page for an extensive list!)

  • 7-Eleven- free medium slurpee
  • AMC Theatres- free popcorn
  • Baskin Robbins-buy 1 cone, get 1 for 99 cents
  • Chick Fil A-make purchase on 4/15, bring receipt back on 5/13 for full refund
  • Chili’s- free app or desert with entree purchase
  • Cinnabon-2 free cinnabon bites
  • Einstein Bros Bagels- 25% purchase
  • HydroMassage- free massage!
  • Outback Steakhouse- free bloomin onions
  • Pinkberry- free pink berry greek yogurt
  • Schlotzsky’s- free sandwich with purchase of drinks & chips
  • Teavana- buy 1 cup of tea, get 1 free
  • Tijuana Flat’s-$2 tacos & $2 coronas

Extensive list here

I am all about free! Mmm.. I can already taste that slurpee!

…But I am curious…where is the free coffee?…here is me on Dunkin Donuts free iced coffee day..( I had to get it.. even if it was 10 pm)


Who would miss that?!

What freebie are you looking forward to most?




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