Great Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Good Morning Everyone!

Savannah here!

I just got back from my run and I was thinking about what I should eat for breakfast. There are a lot of options, but I know people like quick/ on the go meals that they can throw together in 2.5 minutes!

So here is a list of breakfasts- that are low calorie- to have when you are on the go:

photo 2


First, we have generic oatmeal- quick oats, old fashioned, Irish- whatever you want.

This particular bowl was featured in an earlier blog, but there are multiple ways you can make it!

The essentials are :


*Any kind of fruit

*Stevia drops



Next, is a favorite of mine. Super refreshing!


This one is banana and raspberry, but you really can do anything!


This next one may take a little more preparation, but it is so good and tastes just like desert!


Just chop up whatever kinds of fruit you like, mix in a little oatmeal and stevia and bake until it turns into mushy gushy goodness! 🙂


The meal that I ate this morning was very simple. Fruit, toast, and peanut butter.



I used ezekiel toast, which can be found in the freezer isle. And yes, this is the peanut butter that I got for free at Winn Dixie!

Just one tablespoon, though. I have to limit myself!


Lastly, and my one of my favorites, is hummus and avocado toast. avacado

Have you tried these huge Florida avocados?!?

We get ours from our neighbor- this one fell off the tree, which is why it is a little (ok a lot) bruised… 😦


Will you be trying one of these tomorrow morning?

What are your favorite breakfast recipes?

Do you get any produce from your neighbors, or better yet your own garden?

Sound off in the comments! 😀




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