Happy April and First Post!

Hi Everyone!

If you have made it here to our blog, then we are so happy to have you as readers! We hope not to bore you.. 🙂

Right now, we are in Florida.

Savannah, Starr and Sierra.

This is Sierra- you can read all about my sisters and I in our about page here https://laspicesisters.wordpress.com/about/ , we will all be posting here to compile lots of fun, beautiful, yummy, happy great ideas, food and inspiration!

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First off, happy april! i hope that lots of april showers will bring may flowers, because i know i may be alone on this- but i love the rain, and of course- who doesn’t love flowers!?

today was a productive saturday, although somewhat not as exciting as every saturday should be!

i started with an 8 mile walk, and was feeling a little pink today



and this beautiful view was a great bonus to my morning. I love finding little running trails around my house!



Even though this wasn’t my lunch today… has anyone of ever tried these before? They are like pigs in a blanket only with asparagus! How brilliant!


Instead I went for a snack day…..but sometimes those can be dangerous.. especially when vent sized Starbucks drinks are in the picture..



To finish off the night I am treating myself to a little R+R tonight with my main man Taylor  😉 who doesn’t love him….We have watched this movie Abduction over thirty times, and yet it is always our go to movie when redbox is a no go…


Well its off to bed for me, another long day of studying tomorrow for a busy school week to come! The girls are heading back up North soon, but I won’t be heading back for another month or so..

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Some words to think about tonight and keep your spirit alive! Have a great night!



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