Breakfast and intro

Hi Everyone!

It’s the middle sister Savannah here! Middle in age, middle in our sisterly lineup,  and middle in our banner picture.

Ok so lets just get right into it 🙂

This morning, I woke up with really bad leg pain… It might be because I ran 6 miles the other day, or maybe because I need new shoes. As you saw in the last blog post, Sierra’s shoes are the ones I am looking at.

I currently have these Asics:



But I really want the Nike Free 5.0’s.

So because of my “injury” I woke up and ate… haha yep, no workout. 😦

I first started out with a glass of berry-infused water. Its really important to drink water when you wake up and why not make it taste good?!

photo 1


Then, I had some oatmeal with berries (once again) and some SweetLeaf English Toffee drops.

photo 2


photo 3

These drops are so yummy and they have zero calories!

BTW, the spoon that I used to eat my oatmeal can be found here.

They are so fun to use and so cute, too!


Ok, over and out!

Oh, and by the end of this coming week, we will have a recipe page on our blog where we will post all of our meals and recipes to share 🙂

Have a fabulous day!




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